8 Walking - a simple alternative daily walking technique

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

"Walking" is a very simple and common recommendation by any health care professional to help us maintain good physical and mental health. But now, with home lockdown situation, everyone is looking for an alternative ways to do physical activities. Here is a simple and effective indoor physical exercise called 8 walking which I am following for many years.

8 Walking” or Infinity walking is invented by Tamil Siddars ( Yogis) is a simple but powerful walking techniques .Below are the details and benefits about this exercise. It’s a good indoor walking alternative especially for elderly people.

  • It's like a normal walking, but you will walk in 8 shaped pattern. Here the 8 shape is formed by joining 2 circles of approx. 6 feet diameter each in “South- North” direction (Pic Shown)

  • You can create this 8 Shape, preferably in an op