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Benefits of Counselling in Mental Health

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Counselling or Psychotherapy, talk or talking therapy, e-counseling, or simply therapy—no matter the name it’s known by mental health counseling can benefit people struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, and mental health concerns

Counselling and Therapy can help improve symptoms of many mental health conditions. In therapy, people also learn to cope with symptoms that may not respond to treatment right away. Research shows the benefits of therapy last longer than medication alone. Medication can reduce some symptoms of mental health conditions, but therapy teaches people skills to address symptoms on their own. These skills last after therapy ends, and symptoms may continue to improve, making it less likely people will need further treatment..

Mental health issues are common and increasing these days like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Phobias, Obsessions, Addictions, Relationship issues, personality issues, family issues etc.

When it comes to physical health, people are so conscious and aware these days. They know everything there is to know: what super-foods eat and what not to eat, what the latest diet fads are, what the most cutting-edge workouts to stay fit are, and how to monitor every aspect of their health with state-of-the-art fitness bands. But when it comes to mental health, the awareness just isn’t there.

About 10-30% of people with mental health issues get help. Untreated mental health issues often get worse and may have other negative effects. They could also lead to:

  • Not able to handle general things in life.

  • Emotions are becoming overwhelming and not able to control negative thoughts.

  • Inability to work or go to school

  • Difficulty in relationships or taking care of yourself

  • Increased risk of health issues

  • Meaninglessness

  • Suicidal Tendencies

“Therapy is not just about deleting the negative but also about adding the Positive. Just like you go to the doctor to remove the illness but you go to the gym to be more fit. Therapy can be seen as a combination of both”

When any type of mental health or emotional concern affects daily life and function, therapy may be recommended. Therapy can help you learn about what you’re feeling, why you

Online Counselling

The whole idea of e-counseling is to provide the same degree of service, care, and facilities to support the people suffering. Online counselling is an alternative solution during such crisis situation to provide mental healthcare support and services over the internet.

Just like physical sessions or real therapy, the online method is equally effective in dealing with the mental problems one faces. Although the two mediums are very similar, e-counselling has tons of benefits of its own. For instance, it is not possible for everyone to travel across cities to their counsellor, for their daily or weekly sessions. However, with the advent of technology, it has become a mere cup of tea for us all!

While research increasingly suggests that online therapy can be an effective option, that does not mean that it is right for everyone. More serious forms of mental illness, including substance addiction and psychiatric conditions including severe depression and schizophrenia, require more than online treatment can provide.

Advantages of Online counselling

  • Anonymity- Since e-therapy does not require you to actually go to the counsellor, there is some degree of anonymity, which can be a sign of relief to most people.

  • Convenience- Again, e-therapy is the most convenient form of therapy one can undergo. You can receive similar if not better services and care from the professionals. And all this just from the comfort of your couch!

  • Accessibility- Since the fact that not all cities and areas have good and reliable professionals is horrifying, e-counselling is the best bet!

  • Affordability- Affordability is a major issue when it comes to seeking any therapy. And since there is no actual covering of distance involved with e-counselling, it is pretty cheap, too.

Choose the right counselling or therapy with just one click!. If you still have question? reach us to find the suitable solution.

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