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If u r waiting for a life changing event.. then just get an appointment with him and discus everything with him freely... trust me you will change forever.. just take one step towards him and he'll take 99 steps towards you.. :).. for me I have changed drastically.. I have such an amazing positive mindset abt life abt my loved ones.. i gave up every hope died I thought nothing can change me now.. troubled with negative mindset I used to think of suicide as an only option, so worst was my condition.. but just sharing my problems with him was half a success.. then the schedule he gave and then the tricks and tips he gave which are sure to work. The answers he gave for my problems... nobody believes that I am still the same person who has now a very positive attitude towards Life ..don't wait for anything else.. he has solutions for all problems.. : )

24 yrs old Student consulted for Career counselling

I found the solutions provided by the Mr. Senthilkumar  to be very helpful. Hello u want to overcome with OCD and depression...visit him once. All you need is to consult with him. I was on medication for depression and anxiety since last 10 years...but after consultation this is my first winter without depression. He can certainly teach you the art of living. Thank u senthil sir..

27 yr old mother consulted for OCD and Anxiety

I visited a few counsellors before but their care was confined to the consultation hour but Senthil Sir's care extends beyond.. he will hand hold u to recovery.. .He gives a ray of hope when ur in a dark place. A rare to find person in today's world where everything is billed. The reason I would recommend him over anybody in Bangalore is his holistic approach towards physical n mental ailments. he is not just a psychologist but also Ayurveda ans Varma therapist.

A working women consulted for Family issues

He actually listens to you. I have been searching for a psychologist from a long time and went to few but none of them were satisfying. He listens and asks you such questions which probably a person should ask himself or herself and that automatically solves half of the problem. He is a great man. He gives you reason for what ever solution he gives and asks if you agree or not. I wish he was in Delhi. . He is a great doctor. He talks to without looking at time. He stops only when he thinks he has helped you or you do not have any more questions.

A working women visited for Stress Mgmt

I am 24yr old female. In March 2021, I was searching for a good doctor for counselling, migraine and digestion related problems. But I didn’t want any medicine. That’s how I came across Senthil Kumar L. He always tells the logic and science behind everything. (Because you are the person living with yourself 24*7 and when you know how things work you will start following it correctly). He always focuses on every aspect of life, mental, physical, social, relationship, etc. I go through  varmum therapy, and some spinal massage  as well.


I always feel like a kid around him. He is friendly and being a girl I always was comfortable during the treatments. We always used to have great times together talking about important aspects of life, body, logic behind things, science, and spirituality. Now I understand my body, and emotions more than ever. He once in a while keeps checking on his patients if they are following the treatment or not. And how they are feeling now. I really feel so positive and energetic while leaving the center. He never worries about time but the healing, and results. I really am so grateful for everything I got from him. And I really wanted to write this review to help others who were going through lots of pain and suffering. If you are reading this I just wanted to say. How you feel you become so no matter what you are going through have this feeling of happiness, gratitude and abundance. My treatment is over now. He took some mental test to know my current state and asked me not to come as a patient but as a varmum student next time.

24 yrs Student consulted for Migraine and Stress Management

Mr. Senthil Kumar is an professionally trained Varmam therapist and equally excellent in other traditional Indian medical skills like Pranic healing, Spinal issues and body-Heath combo…. Centre provides traditional Ayurvedic health tips too with professional guidance. Very much client friendly and need of the situation especially for all working class … Best Centre in Varmam Therapy in East Bangalore 👍👍👍👍

A working professional Treated for Backpain and Shoulder Pain

I was facing some fear (I don't want to disclose) and was finding hard to focus on my studies and was skeptical about counselling but after visiting Mr. Senthilkumar some kind of confidence got instilled in me and things started getting better. His understanding of the problem and explanation of the solution was impeccable. With his constant guidance over Whatsapp I feel that I have recovered and am on the verge becoming a better version of myself.

26 yr CA Student consulted for FEAR and Anxiety

I had approached Mr. Senthil for marriage counselling for my parents. He was very patient and thorough in his approach to diagnosing the problems. He took time out of appointment hours to get a proper understanding from me about the situation, and also regularly followed up with me on progress being made. He gave my parents a lot of time and attention to fully hear their perspectives and was very sympathetic yet firm and practical in his analysis and recommendations. All this while being more than reasonable with his fees - he really does invest his time and energy in his patients, far more than we expected and paid for. Today my parents have a much better relationship and I can certainly see the difference he has helped bring about, for which I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for relationship counselling.

Elderly Couple for Relationship issues

I had met Mr. Senthil with no idea how he will take up my issues and provide solutions. But it was a blissful meeting the first time and further when I can easily and slowly get rid of my issues one by one. I am really very much satisfied with his unique approach and easy solutions. Thank you sir.

37 yrs old consulted for De Addiction

I got to know about the place via Practo and I felt so fortunate that i came across the clinic. The holistic approach to solve the problem and the knowledge about how our mind works and it's dependency of body was so helpful for me to progress. It's not a place where you would have to go for minimum 8-9 sessions to get the output but few continuous sessions would be helpful for oneself. Thankful for all the support I got.

23 yrs old Working Professional consulted for Stress Management 

Senthil sir is one of the best person who can help you with a long term solution to the issues . A person with a genuine heart of helping attitude and not just a money earning mentality. He does not address the issue but the cause . Thanks a ton for ur time and effort sir. Highly recommended

A Doctor consulted for Relationship issues

it was a very good support from his end and I should say everyone is facing hard kindly speak to him . he will pull out from the drastic change from negativity to positivity. Amazing change in me which was not there never before. thanks to him from the core of my heart . given me life to enjoy the journey not the destination

A Student consulted for Failures in life

Feedback about Varmam - Pain Management Therapies 

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