How to Rebuild and Recover failing marriage relationship

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Marriage is a god's gift and it’s a journey that every individual need to go through with his own experience. There is no short cut!!. A healthy marriage keeps couple and entire family members happy to full fill their dreams and desires. However due to different priorities, difference of opinions, personal egos and situation married life can go through ups and downs.

There can be various reasons for strain in a married relationship, but its implications leave a strong emotional mark on the other partner, children, and family members for sure. Let’s look at the most common reasons behind such breakup in married relationship and what are the ways to rebuild and recover the relationship.

Common reasons for breakup among married couples:

  1. Career priorities, expectation and running behind professional goals causes major drift among the working couple

  2. Work life imbalance is the root cause for stress and depression in both personal and professional life among married couple.

  3. Addictions to Alcohol, Smoke, Drug is one of a key reason for most breakup today.

  4. In Laws , even with couples who live in different cities from their parents, ‘remote-control-in laws’ seem to have a great say in their children’s’ marriages.

  5. Cultural differences, the way both partners were raised, their belief systems, religious/caste/rituals experience do cause trouble in relationships

  6. Sexual incompatibility, the reason may be relatively new to the traditional norms set by our society, but in the past five years sexual dissatisfaction has been the reason for more split- ups than ever before.

  7. Financial Issues is a very crucial factor that can make or break a relationship.