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12 Tips to Avoid Boredom in Relationships

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Need to remember that the things that attract you today about your partner are the same things that you will hate about them in 3 years’ time. What used to be a sweet voice may sound like noise! What used to be spontaneous romantic behavior may become irritation! After a serious relationship of two or three years, the romance is bound to reduce. By virtue of nature, we always look for new or change in things around us and absence of newness in relationships will cause boredom.

How to overcome relationship boredom?

  1. Try to make small changes or difference in your lifestyle and behaviors to revive the relationship regularly.

  2. Keep the element of surprise alive. Surprise your partner from time to time in a variety of way - gifts, vacation, treats, etc.

  3. Share each other’s joy. Your spouse should be the first person you want to share good news with.

  4. Verbalize your loving feelings.

  5. Step out of your comfort zone together. Try something new and adventurous and taste success and failure together.

  6. Go back to basics and start something from scratch to get a new experience from old things.

  7. Frequently change the place of togetherness like restaurants, resorts, etc.

  8. Give equal importance to sexual wellness and intimacy to keep the relationship healthy.

  9. Non-sexual touch is important. Hug, holding hands, massage- these small actions can boost relationship.

  10. Spend time with friends or couples who have a successful relationship. Don’t ever ask ideas from someone who is already suffering from relationship issues.

  11. Work on yourself first before fixing your partner. Relationship satisfaction is tied to personal satisfaction . Start loving yourself first.

  12. Discuss and plan your dreams and goals together. Keep an open and fair communication channel.

  13. Don’t hesitate to ask for external help. Talk to friends or take marriage counselling when you can’t fix the relationship issues by yourself. Stay Happy! Stay Blessed!

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