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All Natural  and Traditional Health Care products to support your Dietary / Life Style Changes / Therapy  Recommendations / Naturals Supplementary needs

Sessame oil for Massage.jpg
Sesame Oil - Cold wood Pressed

Reduce Body Heat

Reduce Body Heat and Hormone Balance through routine Oil Massage/Bath  with Sesame seeds oil

Castor Oil - Cold Wood Pressed

Natural Detox

Maintain Healthy Bowl movement with regular intake of Castor oil . Also good for Hair care and Skin care

Cocunut Oil for massage.jpg
Coconut Oil - Cold wood Pressed

Natural Hair Care

Maintain Soft and healthy Hair and Skin with coconut oil 

3 soups combo 1k.jpg
Rasam /Moringa /Horsegram Soup Combo

Improve  Immunity

Perfect Combination of super herbs and all natural ingredients in three different soups to build you immunity and strengthen bones and muscles.

Palm candy 2 1200x1200 .jpg
Palm Candy Milk Mix

Cold/Cough Relief

Also called as "Golden Milk" is a good remedy for sore throat, cold & cough. Also helps in improving digestion and reducing body heat and Build Immunity.

Pirandai 2a 1200x1200.jpg
Pirandai / Hadjod Fryums

Pain Management

Relieves Sprains, Cures bone fractures, treats Osteoporosis & Arthritis, Improves digestion, Relieves Menstrual pain

Ellu 2 1200x1200.jpg
Sesame Seed- Idli/Dosa/Rice Mix Powder

Strengthen Bones

Medicinal benefits includes : cellular growth, Reduce risk of Cancer, Strengthens muscles and tissues

Mor 2 1k.jpg
Moringa / Drumstick leaves soup

Immunity Booster

Wonderful gift from nature with multipurpose: Immunity building, improve fertility, good for eyes

Kollu Soup 2 1200.jpg
Horsegram Soup

Weight Loss

Simple solution to keep your weight under control. Also strengthens bones and muscles

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