Yoga - Surya Namaskar as Therapy

Globally, non communicable diseases (NCDs) such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc are increasingly recognized as a major cause of morbidity and mortality.

Cause of Unhealthy Life

Unhealthy Lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise and emotional stress are the main causes of non-communicable diseases.

Stress is a “phylogenic response pattern to a demanding situation”.

Blood Pressure is affected by emotions such as fear, anger, etc, but the effects tend to be short lived. But when a person tends to lead a life full of tension, anxiety, worry, etc, the continued excitation of sympathetic nervous system, the blood pressure remains persistently high.

Yoga – the Solution

Health according to yogic concept (accepted by WHO) is a positive state of well being at Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual aspects of personality. Yoga is a conscious process of going back to your stress free, blissful nature. Yoga helps one realize that being happy is one’s own nature. Yoga reduce sympathetic tone by consciously relaxing and breathing. By consciously watch one’s breath one watch one’s thoughts and slowly, through awareness, the yogi removes the negative thoughts that result in stress.

"Surya Namaskar serves as a great practice to manage psychosomatic ailments" such as Diabetes and reduce the risk for Heart Disease.