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Mrs Ruchika Sethi


Ruchika holds Master’s degrees in Psychology and Commerce, bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Education, and a diploma in Psycho-competency Tools and Techniques (affiliated to ICPEM). She is a certified counsellor from Parivarthan Counselling Training and Research Centre, Bengaluru. She has completed several professional certifications in the areas of Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health (University of Sydney, Coursera), Emotional intelligence, Life skills training, Transactional analysis, Yoga instruction. She has attended workshops on Self-care Drama therapy, Indian Psychology for health and well being from NIMHANS.

Ruchika’s wide-ranging experience as a corporate learning and development officer, special education teacher at the secondary and tertiary level, counsellor at NGOs and an agent for community service has given her the adaptability, empathy, strong interpersonal and communication skills, imagination and resourcefulness to provide effective and practical counselling services to people grappling with diverse mental health and life challenges.

Her areas of expertise are Anxiety l Depression l Grief l Trauma l Anger Management l Phobias l Procrastination l Addiction l Motivation l Relationships l Self esteem l Parenting l OCD l

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