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Varmam Therapy for Pain Management

Consultation with Doctor and Suitable Varmam Therapy solutions

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Service Description

The objective of "Varmam Therapy" is to revive the affected energy location in the body that creates Pain. The therapy involves special manipulation and Thadaval (massage) techniques to unblock and energize the energy flow to its normal condition, so that various Acute/Chronic diseases /disorders /pain can be cured. VARMAM Therapy can also work independent without medicines for may Psychosomatic diseases and Psychological Disorders Benefits of Varmam Therapy : 1. Complete detox of negative energy within the body, allowing blockages to be removed to promote self-recovery 2. Activate the inner-ability to rejuvenate and revitalize. Balance blood and energy flow throughout the body 3. Instantly reduce symptoms of wide range of ailments /pain to in the body’s potential for self-recovery. 4. Work in conjunction with other allopathic therapy to boost body response 5. Suitable as non medicinal treatment for Acute/Chronic Pains Treatment Approach: ( Cleanse , Prevent and Treat) 1. Doctor and Therapist consultation to assess the Symptoms, Body assessment, Pain levels 2. Recommendation of suitable detoxification Methods ( to cleanse) 3. Pathiyam or food restriction ( to Prevent) 4. Manipulation/ Varmam Stimulation / Therapy sessions ( 3-5 session based on symptoms ) 5. Varmam applied system method ( Massage) ( 3 -5 session based on symptoms) 6. 3 days / 5 days/ 7 days / 21 days treatment along with complementary therapies for Acute & Chronic illness 7. Dietary recommendation 8. Daily Routine / Lifestyle change recommendation 9. Special Exercises to support the treatment Pain Management Treatment: ​ 1. Lower Back Pain 2. Upper Back Pain 3. Knee Pain 4. Slip discs 5. Neck Rigidity / Pain 6.Frozen Shoulder 7. Sciatica 8. Headaches / Migraines 9. Foot Pain 10.Full Body Pain 11.Elbow Pain 12. Writers Hand Pain

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