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Self Therapies for Preventive Health

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Through our Traditional Healing Science "Ayurveda, Siddha and Varmam"

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  • Rs. 2500
  • 2nd Main Road

Service Description

Join us to learn and practice the techniques from our Ancient Healing Systems for your preventive health and wellbeing What you will learn in this online workshop: 1. Learn Ayurveda and Varmam Fundamentals and how to leverage this knowledge for our Health and Wellbeing 2. Understand Body and Mind Interconnection and their role in Pleasure & Pain, Illness, and also in treatments & recovery 3. Learn about Tridosha i.e Vata, Pitta and Kapha . Analyse and Identify your Body Type i.e “Prakruti” and Imbalance “ Vikruti” 4. Learn and Practice different Body and Mind Detox methods 5. Learn and Practice Five Sense therapy 6. Learn and Practice Self Oil Bath & Massage technique to activate Key Varmam Points 7. Learn and practice key Varmam Techniques for Day-to-Day Life 8. Learn and practice special breathing and exercise techniques for Stress Management 9. Learn Varmam and Ayurveda solution for Weight Management 10. Learn about food, Diet and Taste as per body types

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