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Learn Traditional Self-Therapies for preventive health to start your Well-being Journey

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*Life to Live Wellness* is happy to offer you a Online course on *Self Therapies for Preventive health for your Journey of *Being to Well-being* Initiatives. Key Takeaway from this Course: 👉 *Learn Ayurveda and Varmam Fundamentals and how to leverage this knowledge for our Health and Wellbeing* 👉 *Understand Body and Mind Interconnection and their role in Pleasure & Pain, Illness, and also in treatments & recovery* 👉 *Identify your Body Type i.e “Prakruti” and Imbalance “ Vikruti”* 👉 *Learn and Practice different Body and Mind Detox methods* 👉 *Learn and Practice Five Sense therapy* 👉 *Learn and Practice Self Oil Bath & Massage technique to activate Key Varmam Points* 👉 *Learn and practice key Varmam Techniques for Day-to-Day Life* 👉 *Learn and practice special breathing and exercise techniques for Stress Management* 👉 *Learn Varmam and Ayurveda solution for Weight Management* 👉 *Learn about food, Diet and Taste as per body types* Contact: +91 7349555472 for further Interest, Enquiry and Registration - Team Life to live Wellness, Bangalore

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