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Women's Yoga

Women are the cornerstone of family and society. While taking care of everyone and everything around them, they often forget about themselves. Research has shown that women are twice as likely to develop anxiety, panic disorders and pressures of stress than men.

Life to Live wellness offers classes especially geared towards taking care of women. We address women's health needs such as menstrual and metabolic disorders, infertility, structural disorders such as back and neck pain, or simply for stress management and positive health.

Each person’s personality and lifestyle determines the quality of life they lead. We recognizes these aspects in women is critical to defining their needs of reclaiming a healthy and wholesome life. We believe that these needs must be addressed individually and in smaller groups, with personalized attention.
We deeply listen to every Yoga aspirant as part of the interview process that we conduct before selecting the session. We identify their needs and choose the appropriate set of classes for them. The classes that we recommend are crafted keeping in mind the needs of the aspirants. Sometimes we include Counselling sessions and Ayurveda consultation to complement and support the Yoga sessions.

We focus in  providing a personalized Yoga Training at your ease and comfort. At Life to Live Wellness  we have expert and well trained Yoga Instructors who guide you through the Yoga practice through online class / direct classes.

We analyze your fitness level, the stress combating capacity and health / wellness objective to through a systematic  assessment process and then recommend the holistic yoga program that give desired health benefits.

• Free your Body, Mind and Soul
• Strengthen your back and core Muscles
• Learn to relieve your stress
• Rejuvenate your life 





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