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Mr. Senthilkumar L

Psychology Counselor | Ayurveda & Varmam Therapist

Senthil kumar an IT Professional with 20+ yrs of experience. Due to his passion towards providing a holistic Body and Mind wellness through our Traditional and Alternative Solutions, he got trained and certified into Ayurveda, Varmam, psychology counselling, Pranic Healing and many other alternative therapies.

With his diverse experience and expertise from a team of Doctors, Psychologists and Therapists he is providing an integrated approach in addressing modern day’s Psychological issues and Pain Management through traditional therapies.

Senthil kumar is a Certified Psychology Counsellor with expertise in providing solution for : Individual/ Relationship / Couple/ Pre-marital Counselling & assessment, Work Life Balance issues, Life coach/ Stress/Anxiety/Depression management.

Senthil Kumar is a Certified Varmam (Ancient healing Science) and Ayurveda therapist ( Panchakarma Therapies) providing holistic pain management solution for shoulder, Knee, back pains, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, slip disc etc. Also, providing body and mind wellness through preventive health workshops and consultations.
He is a certified Brief Clearing Practitioner provides hypnosis therapies for Emotional Issues

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